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My husband who is typically the biggest fan of Christmas is finding the commercialism is getting to even him, the biggest of believers. While chatting with a friend he mentioned his bah humbug attitude and his friend stated, “but if there was no Christmas, we wouldn’t have at least one month of goodwill towards men (and women).” May the goodwill you give and receive this time of year carry over to the new year. May each of us find it in our heart to extend this from a season to a reason and make it our daily focus. All the best to you this holiday season and in 2020. This year we are giving to the Compassion Society and Big Brothers Big Sisters. We have also started the One Million Bees Project (; a not-for-profit whose goal is to raise 1 million bees to help our endangered friends survive and thrive so they can continue to feed us - literally. Merry Christmas!

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