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If you’re like a good chunk of the world the new year represents a new beginning; a time to set a resolution or goal. So why is it that many of us start out strong and fade fast or at least faster than we would like and fail to make our goal a reality? I recently picked up the book Think Small – the surprisingly simple ways to reach big goals. Based on a chunk of impressive research that has been validated, tested and proven to work Owain Service and Rory Gallagher provide a straightforward framework to follow. While synopsizing the entire book is impossible, let’s start at the beginning – establishing the right goal. There are five factors that have been shown to improve wellbeing and happiness, and drum roll please….they are:

  1. Strengthening your social relationships

  2. Getting healthy and active

  3. Learning something new

  4. Being more curious

  5. Giving to others

Say what! Where’s money on the list? Provided you are not living in poverty, contrary to popular belief money does not make you happy. So perhaps you need to consider “if money doesn’t make you happy, you probably aren’t spending it right”.

So perhaps it’s time to let go of some of those deeply ingrained societal beliefs that the media (and that includes social media) reinforce day in and day out that you need more stuff to be happy. This year choose to dig a little deeper, go within and think about what you want more of in your life and what you want less of. Then think about why it matters to you and commit to it deeply. Identify your self-limiting beliefs around it and proactively consider your self-saboteurs. Proactively consider how you will overcome them so when they do crop up you won’t be taken off your game and throw in the towel. Imagine the positive ripple effect your goal will have on those you care about most. And imagine what a better place the world would be if all of us focused our time and effort on any one of the “five factors”.

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