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It's All Good

“We all do what we do to feel good about ourselves” – a premise I was introduced to some time ago which in a nutshell explains people.

Even when we do good, we do it for ourselves first. Yup, we have a deeper intrinsic motivation that drives our thinking and our actions.

This was reinforced when I attended the Mindpath Conference on legacy giving where I heard Lorna Somers speak about philanthropy. As she highlighted a giver’s primary motivation, it got me thinking that those same motivations are often tied into our chosen career path, or for that matter, pretty much all that we do.

So what’s driving you?

Consider the following:

Change the World – do you have lofty goals and ambitions? Do you want to see transformation? If you are a DIY (do it yourselfer), or like to surround or support the doers - then this is your preferred modus operandi.

Leave a Legacy – do you want to go down in history as the guy or gal that...(fill in the blank). Being remembered and recognized for your effort/support is at the forefront of a legacy.

Give to Others – does the idea of paying it forward fill your tanks? When you give or do for others, do you feel good? You’re not alone. Research in the workplace found that individuals that give (their initial thoughts were that it was those that received) have a deeper level of satisfaction and engagement. It turns out the act of giving actually releases feel good endorphins in our brain.

So what floats your boat so to speak? In a consumption based society it’s easy to get caught up in accumulating and forget about our deeper intrinsic motivation. This summer why not stop and smell the roses (provided you can find a few hours when it’s not raining!) and think about what drives you, or could drive you, to be your personal best and support someone to be their personal best too.



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