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As a consulting team we understand what makes individuals, teams and boards work. We also know what gets in the way of productive, efficient and joyful work. Putting all of our experience into action, we get to the bottom of issues to work through success limiting obstacles to achieve peak prosperity and performance.





Peak Prosperity Coaching blends your innate strengths with our proprietary tools and techniques. The plan we map out is easier to implement because it plays to your strengths. We also identify the problems holding you back and co-create systems that get results. With our help you’ll have improved focus so you can accomplish more with less effort.



There are times for a team when the "business as usual" approach is no longer effective in achieving the desired results. The entire team needs to re-engage, re-commit and re-align to do their best work; specifically when a number of external and/or internal influences are impacting the organization's growth and business model. 

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As a speaker, Shellley is best described as "powerful, personal and persuasive". She has spoken to and inspired audiences of all types and has earned a reputation for bringing energy, optimism and real -life solutions to every workshop, conference and convention she's addressed. 

To book Shelley as a Keynote or Session Speaker click here to send us an email. 

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