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Are you up for an Oscar?

No, I didn’t ask are you up for watching the Oscar’s...I asked you are you UP for an Oscar? According to Shakespeare, "all the world is a stage and we are merely players." I would take it a step further and say that we are all the star, writer and director of the movie of our life. When you get right down to it our life mimics or at the very least has many similarities to the big screen. And if you’re looking at your life and don’t feel it is Oscar-worthy perhaps it’s time to…

Change your Story!

From birth to 7 years of age our subconscious brain is like a sponge and we download everything that is being recorded around us – the good, the bad and the ugly. Even those of us that have led a charmed life has had some less than stellar close encounters. If you don’t like them or the results they have yielded, change them. Research supports neuroplasticity and that we can rewire our brains. Doing it when our brain waves are receptive makes it super easy, i.e. as we are heading into sleep, a meditative state or hypnosis.

Re-write or recast your leading man/lady and/or supporting cast

You have chosen (consciously or unconsciously) all of the people in your life movie. If your leading man/lady isn’t meeting your expectations, consider your part in it. Is it them or you or both? Remember we teach people how to treat us and while you can’t change anyone, you can change yourself and how you react to those around you. That in itself changes the script.

Build a new set

If your location isn’t working for you or your set seems tired, build a new one. It’s easy to make excuses or avoid making difficult decisions but remember: making no decision is, in fact, making a decision and allowing you to remain a victim rather than empowered in a place that no longer works for you. If you’ve always wanted to walk the red carpet, what’s stopping you? Create your Oscar-worthy big picture in your mind of your ideal life and then watch it unfold into an award-winning production.

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