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Made me a believer

I believe the holidays are a very special, magical time but I haven’t always been a believer. I, like most of you, I’m sure have had bouts (or in my case a rather long bout) where the Christmas holidays overwhelmed me rather than overjoyed me. I am happy to report I have turned over a new leaf. Perhaps with age comes wisdom. An inner peace and feeling that I am good enough. I don’t need to prove my worth by getting and giving “the best” – gift, food, treats, time the exhausting list goes on and on. I now do what I can and do it with joy in my heart. Sometimes I forget or goof up but whatever happens, I pause, take a deep breath and smile. Life really is good and stressing my friend is a choice. And according to experts not a good one for our health and well being. So in between the hustle and bustle, pause to reflect on all the good in your world and pass on a gift of hope to make a believer out of those in need. This year we have made a holiday donation to Compassion Society and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Best wishes to you & those you care about for a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019!

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