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Growing your people is key to growing your business.


In today’s fast paced work environment your team needs critical thinking skills to adapt on the fly and focus on what matters most.

According to a report developed by leading business thinkers Roger Martin and Richard Florida, high social and analytical skills are required for a forward-thinking creative workforce.

Cypress Strategies has developed a series of critical thinking modules that provide your team with practical frameworks and tools they use to work through “real life” challenges.


  • 7 Traits of a GroundBreaking Team – your team ranks their performance and together identifies what’s working, what’s not working and what to do about it. 

  • Decisive Decision Making – your team uses the 4 C model to consider options and objectively identify what will yield the highest return with the least amount of effort and/or resources.

  • Proactive Problem Solving – your team learns how to see past the symptoms to get to the root cause and how to deploy various techniques to solve even their biggest problems.

  • Practical Prioritizing – your team learns how to wade through a sea of “to do’s” and focus on what matter most.

  • Overcoming Obstacles – your team learns what to do when productivity plummets to get themselves and coworkers back on track

  • Communication That Connects – your team learns about the 4 Communication Styles including their own preference and how to be a better sender and receiver

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