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Waterfront reflections

Last Tuesday (June 6th), I attended the Burlington Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Showcase event held at the Waterfront Hotel. This event is a part of the widely successful Business after 5 series that focuses mainly on networking events. The showcase was a mix of businesses highlighting their wares to other businesses and networking opportunities.

Being a chamber volunteer, I was asked to invite a guest. Besides the thrill of both of us winning the door prize, we were both pleased to have the opportunity to meet such interesting people.

Meeting people is essential to business since it provides us with the opportunity to build relationships. Considering that these relationships are the #1 reason people buy, cultivating them through networking is critical.

Those who are successful at the art of networking (because it is an art!), develop a system that works for them and work the system in return.

If you have yet to develop your networking system or feel your system could use some tweaking to improve your results I invite you to attend the upcoming “Networking Basics” event that I’m facilitating.

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