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Why EI is the new IQ

A simple request to do something that for most of us is not entirely intuitive. In other words the “how” is a bit fuzzy. So let’s break it down a bit further. Thinking outside the box goes beyond intellectual ability or IQ and depends equally as much on EQ or Emotional Intelligence. Emotionally intelligent folks tend to be good at continuously learning which in turn leads them to better results. So what are key attributes of high emotional intelligence?

  • Open Mindedness: If you’re confident your way is the only way and the best way, you might be…close minded. Your close mindedness could be keeping you stuck and preventing you from seeing things from a different perspective. A perspective that would build on your knowledge and experience rather than stagnate your progress.

  • Self Awareness: Until you are willing to acknowledge and admit to yourself that you don’t have it all figured out, you are going to stay stuck in the same place. Interestingly enough, change agents have studied the Alcoholics Anonymous model as one to be replicated because it works so well. What’s Rule #1 at AA? Say the words “I’m an alcoholic”. If you can’t admit it, your probability of changing is slim to nil.

  • Unbiased Self Assessment: In today’s society, somehow we are under the illusion that everyone deserves to be a winner – regardless of performance. If you’re really not good at something you need to develop a plan to get better at it (or focus your efforts on something that you are good at). Getting a ribbon or reward doesn’t help you, in the long run, it hinders you. Be honest with yourself and if you’re having trouble assessing yourself then bring in a trusted resource to help you – first with the assessment, second with your improvement plan and third with your implementation and course correcting your actions.

I could go on but they say three's a charm – and these three will shake off those cranial cobwebs to not just get you thinking outside the box but to remove the box completely!

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