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Get out of the Blues

If the November blues are getting you down it may be a different blue you need to address. I’m talking about your ingrained blueprint. The one you have, whether you are aware of it or not, that guides your day to day actions that leads to your results. Of course, if you’re lovin’ your results in all facets of your life, click delete on this e-mail and go back to what you are doing. If you would like more or less of something, consider the following: Things vs. Experiences – we tend to think we crave things when in reality it is the experience or feelings (yes those old emotions) that we crave. Want a brand new sports car – status; craving some family time – love and connection. Beware of what you really want and what society (aka marketing and advertising) has convinced you that you need. Perhaps it’s time to dig beyond the surface to identify what you truly value. Hardwired vs. Re-wired – if you’re thinking, “I can’t change the way I am and what I want and feel”, think again. Research (neuroplasticity) proves that simply isn’t so. We can re-wire our brain. The key is going below the water line so to speak to get at those subconscious behaviours or habits that drive your results. A good first step is to self reflect. Move beyond your current auto pilot state to a deeper state of awareness by objectively viewing or witnessing what you do. Acceptance vs. Judgement – be kind to yourself and others. Don’t harshly judge your “bad” habits of doing and thinking. Accept you have a habit that you no longer require and chose to replace it with a new one. When you go off course, gently course correct. Keep in mind accepting your short falls and the short fall of others doesn’t mean it is right or ideal, it merely means you acknowledge it and rather than being critical you chose to be empowered and take action. So say bye-bye blues and hello to better...a better way of being that can’t help but lead to better results!

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