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You Can Get More Satisfaction!

Take a P – any P – Profit, Productivity, Performance – and I can tell you what’s behind it.

Strengths. An organization that is working its strengths, filled with teams of people working their strengths; can’t help but get more P and not just one P all three P’s.

If you want more personal P consider the following formula to uncover your strengths.

Talent – what are your natural abilities, where do you shine? What kind of positive feedback have you received in your life – verbal recognition, awards or rewards? When are you most in flow – that effortless place where time stands still? Both of these provide clues to your innate talent.

Passion – what gets you jazzed? What do you care about deeply? What do you truly value? Unleash it and live it and you can’t help but experience joy – a sustainable version of happy. And by the way research supports in the workplace happy people are productive people.

Experience – what have you naturally gravitated to? What did you learn from it? Self reflect on those peak experiences to understand the hidden drivers that brought out your best and determine how you can re-apply these actions or behaviours again and again.

Improving your personal P; performance that is; is much easier when you know and work your strengths. And of course the bi-product will be more satisfaction, for you, and for the people around you which is a step in the right direction to building another P – a Positive Culture.

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