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The Secret behind "The Secret"


No one loves the law of attraction more than me – heck I was exposed to the law of attraction early on in my career being trained by the master Bob Proctor. And it yielded dividends. Through Bob’s techniques I managed to get a much desired hot tub in 30 days! A goal I set for myself and accomplished through Bob’s techniques.

That being said the infamous Secret failed to share one of “the secrets” - Logic. In addition to visualizing your goal – picturing it like it has already happened – you need to develop a plan or roadmap – one that your doubting Thomas (aka self-limiting beliefs) also buys into.

It’s something marketers have understood for ages. People buy emotionally and use logic and rationale to justify their decision. On the flip side it’s the emotional up-side of the goal that gets us jazzed and we need a plan that satisfies good old logic and rationale in order for us to commit and make it happen.

So the idea in brief:

Dream BIG – picture your positive future as if it’s happening in the here and now engaging all of your senses.

Chart Your Course – develop a plan that satisfies your logic and rationale.

Get Out of Your Own Way – recognize the difference between intuition and self-sabotage. A simple concept but not always that easy to diagnose, so you may want to call in a trusted friend to get a second opinion.

Keep your eye on the prize, take action every day, course correct where necessary and yes, your dream will become a reality. And that my friend is the secret.

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