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Not so Dirty D's Done with Ease

Now that summer is a thing of the past (oh wait did we actually have summer, but I digress), it’s time to get down to business. If you’re like most of us you’re “to do list” can get pretty long and seem a bit daunting. If you’re struggling trying to figure out where to start, consider the 4 D’s.

DO IT – quite simply get’er done! Especially if “it” is what I refer to as a Big Easy. It is relatively easy to do and will have a big return. The return could be financial, move you closer to a goal, provide clarity and/or improve your well-being.

DELEGATE IT – perhaps it will provide a big return but for you it’s not that easy. However for someone else it is. If you are lacking the Skill (ability) or the Will (excitement, enthusiasm, attitude) to do it, delegate it to someone else for a task trade off or for the almighty $.

DEFER IT – it needs to be done but there are other more pressing (i.e. urgent and important) tasks that require your attention. Rather than continually adding it to your to do list and getting frustrated that it is continually being moved to the back of the bus, so to speak, pop it into your calendar for a future date when you will be able to make it a priority.

DROP IT – really how important is it? If you haven’t got to it yet and your results are not suffering, perhaps it is time to let it go. Acceptance is key here, there is no judgement required or recommended. Most of us are navigating scarce resources (not enough time, money or people to accomplish everything we would like to do) quite often at work and on the home front. The key is to know what is mission critical. Consider what you value and what provides the most value, and then chart your path accordingly.

So leave your worries behind and adopt the not so dirty 4D’s that can be done with ease!

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