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Are you hot?

It’s cold outside, record freezing temperatures. No mystery about that, but if your sales aren’t hot it’s time to ask why not? And good news is it comes down to just one thing – emotion.

Yes, emotion. If you don’t know, and aren’t connecting with your customer’s emotional “hot” button you’re missing the mark. Here’s why.

  • 92 to 96% of the time we are ruled by our subconscious brain.

  • Our subconscious brain houses our emotions and feelings.

  • People buy emotionally. Logic may play into the decision purchase and certainly it kicks in after the purchase (aka buyer’s remorse) if the buying decision can’t be backed up by the logical brain.

  • If our subconscious brain and logical brain (executive function – frontal cortex) are not in alignment the subconscious or “emotion and feeling” part of our brain always wins.

So what does this mean? It means you have to think like your customer, take a walk in their shoes, and ask the right questions. It means there has to be effective two-way communication to uncover the emotion behind the rationale.

So before you launch the new web site, dive knee deep into social media, or spend the big bucks on the advertising campaign, you might consider doing a bit of “emotion exploratory” to clarify your customer’s emotional hot button. Then equipped with this information you can begin your “Operation Increase Customers.”

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