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Carpe Diem

You’ve got too much on your plate and you’re full. In fact, it’s making you feel a bit nauseated just thinking about it. I’m not talking about last night’s dinner I’m referring to your overflowing to do list. If that spring in your step is not quite as springy it’s time to take a different kind of action. Take Back the Day: If you’ve ever felt exhausted at the end of the day yet feel like you got nothing done you may have fallen victim to interruption, multi-tasking overload. Each day set aside at least 3 – 25 minute increments where you will work undisturbed. No responding to e-mails, answering the phone, texting, going to the water cooler or other distractions. I could give you a litany of scientific proof about how this multi-tasking, lack of focus hurts our brain literally (I’d be happy to share it if you need it) or you can make a commitment to test pilot it yourself and experience the difference. First things first: Each day set your number one priority. The one thing that is mission critical to get done. Plot out how long you think it will take you to do it – again using 25 minute increments. Once you are done plot out how long it actually took you. Where you way over? Underestimating how long things take and overextending ourselves can leave us feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. Which in turn further erodes our productivity. You’re fighting a war you just can’t win. Rate - Reflect - Restrategize - Repeat: At the end of the day rank yourself (1 to 10 scoring – 10 being the highest) on how productive you were. Now think about what got you there. Start with what worked; next think about what didn’t work and finally decide what you are going to do about it and do differently going forward. Repeat every day to say bye bye to self destructive habits and hello to super productive habits. Time really can be on your side, if you refocus how you spend it.

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